Community Outreach Programs

Our Community Outreach Programs are free programs that the Elsmere Police Department provides to the citizens of Elsmere. We encourage you to review these programs and to contact us if you have any questions.


Are You O.K.? (R.U.O.K.) is a computer-automated telephone reassurance system that contacts subscribers once each day. It’s a totally FREE service offered to residents of the city of Elsmere. There is no cost at all to any subscriber. If you are a senior citizen, if you are disabled, or you feel you would benefit from daily contact with the Elsmere Police, then R.U.O.K. is for you.

This system is designed to help us stay in touch with our seniors and disabled citizens who live alone. Many adult children of seniors already telephone their parents daily to check on their well-being. This system does the same thing, as an added reassurance.

To get started, simply call the Elsmere Police Department at (859) 342-7344 and an officer will set up a time to conduct a brief interview. You can also stop by the Elsmere Police Department and we will be glad to help you fill it out there!

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teenSMART Logo.  (PRNewsFoto/ADEPT Driver)

The new teenSmart program focuses on crash reduction and targets the six leading causes of crashes that account for over 90% of all crashes. TeenSmart graduates have 30% fewer crashes with less severe outcomes, including a 51% reduction in bodily injuries.

The program includes realistic simulations and exercises that are both engaging and effective. New drivers learn to anticipate dangerous situations, develop critical decision-making skills, become aware of their surroundings, and expect the unexpected.

This course consists of approximately six hours at the Elsmere Police Department and a "mock" traffic stop in which teens will learn how to interact with police and the reason for specific police actions. A parent/guardian completes the course with three additional hours of driving with their teen to reinforce the lessons learned. Upon completion of the course, participants may be eligible for a discount on their auto insurance.

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Citizen's View

The Elsmere Police Department is seeking help from our community in a new program called Citizen's View. Many times, while investigating criminal activity, the need arises for the investigator to seek video footage in the area where the crime occurred. Private security cameras are becoming a more and more integral part of our investigations. Video footage provided by private citizens and businesses alike have aided officers greatly, many times leading to the arrest of a suspect. An officer can spend countless hours attempting to identify suspects. Without this video footage, those countless hours are often fruitless and a suspect is not identified.

If you have a security or surveillance camera at your home or business and would be willing to share footage with the Elsmere Police Department, please share your information here. If you have any questions, contact Chief Bohman or Sergeant Metzger at 859-342-7344.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Terms of use

The program does not guarantee the Elsmere Police Department the right to the information recorded on your camera(s) and you can revoke police access to your system at any time. Your information will be stored and in the event a crime occurs in your area, a detective or officer may contact you to request your permission to view your camera(s).

Please fill out the following form if you would like to sign up for Citizen's View.